Password Help


If you choose to reset your password, you will need to reset it in two places. The first is the login screen to the portal. Click on “Lost your password?”  Then enter your contractor ID.  Depending on which of our portals you access, you will get an e-mail

  • Researchers from with the subject line: [Sunlark Research Member Area] Password Reset. 
  • Vendors from with the subject line: [Sunlark Vendor] Password Reset.

The second place is once logged into the website, click on your Profile.  Scroll down BELOW the login box and request a password reset here. Enter your contractor ID. Next, find the password reset e-mail from called “Sunlark Password Reset”. Click on the link in it.  There will be 2 boxes that appear on the page.  The first is the login box. DO NOT login yet!  Instead go to the box below it and reset your password.  AFTER you have reset your password successfully (it will say “Your password has been reset.”), then go to the login box and login.

NEXT: Please go to your profile and immediately update again by typing your new password in the double password boxes and save. This generally helps avoiding accidentally re-saving the old password.

IMPORTANT:  If these steps do not work, please try deleting your cache and/or using a different browser. If you cannot find the reset e-mail, and you have checked your spam folder, please let us know.  The mistake could be on our end!